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Recent Customer Requests for Electrician

The lights in part of my home are not working properly and I need an electrician to come out and help. 


We had a brown out, where some of the lights faded and went out and some areas didn't and the stove indicator light was on, yet the stove wouldn't heat up. Then later the lights and all the power was restored. We bought new breaker or circuit breakers and really need a professional electrician to come take a look at our system. How much might that run and when could someone come out and give us an estimate and/or install the new circuit breakers?

Julie J.

I need two ceiling fans hung but there are no wires in the ceiling . It's a ranch style home with access to the attic and a wall switch in the rooms that control an outlet .

Ben H

I need the electical pole and wires to extend above house. House is over 50 years old and still has original wiring. how much extmated would it be to upgrade box and add extension poles.

Denice T

Need to have 3 bathroom light fixtures installed, 1 ceiling fan installed, kitchen island light installed and 1 kitchen eyeball light removed and replaced with another light fixture. Need light on front porch replaced. Need quote on spot light to be placed on south side of house in back yard area. I have purchased all of the light fixtures with exception of the flood light for back yard.

Nancy P

I'd like to install new tract lights over some paintings in my house. Thanks

Ann K

The following items showed up on my inspection report and I am needing to have them worked out before closing on the sale of my home can happen. 1) "The main service entrance panel box is not labeled for AMP capacity. The panel should be further inspected and rated by a professional electrician. 2)"hard wired smoke detectors are required to be labeled in the panel and wired to a dedicated circuit breaker." 3) "aluminum service wiring requires anti-oxidizing agent at entry points to the main breaker and neutral bar in the main panel" 4)"the main service entrance exhibits neutral wires have been double lugged at the Nuetral bar. This installation can cause an overheating condition between the two or more wires. Each neutral wire should be seperated and assigned its own lug for connection" 5) "individual circuit breakers in the main panel are not labeled for their specific use or apparatus controlled."

Emily C

A good majority of the outlets in my home are "loose" in the sense that a plug will very easily fall out once inserted and the outlets themselves are loose in the wall. I need them fixed or replaced.

Marc C

Have a number of 110 volt electrical outlets that are not powered. Have problem with circuit breaker triping when microwave and dishwasher are on at same time.

Gary Y

2 walk way lights no longer working. would like to see of they can be repaired and removal of old light walkway lights

Marie D


Electrician New York

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